The Sox Win

On Saturday April the 25 the  Boston Red Sox  played the New york Yankees. The final score was 16, 11 for the Sox. After the 4th inning Boston was down by 6 runs. The bases get loaded and JD Drew is up to bat, Drew hits a single and scores one run. The bases are loaded for the Sox captain… Jason Varitek! None out bases loaded. The pitch is delivered, Varitek swings and this ball has some carry to it, it’s deep to right field and it’s over the wall! Grand slam! Now the Red Sox are behind by 1. The next three outs come and no runs, Up to this point Third basemen Mike Lowell had no hits, this was about to change. In the seventh inning there were two people on base and Lowell hit a three run home run over the Green Monster* to make it 8 six Sox. On Lowell’s next at bat he hit a three run single to center field. From this point the score went back and forth. In the end Red Sox all star closer Jonathan Papelbon came in and closed down the Yankees.

In this game the Red Sox had the biggest comeback in the history of their ball club since 1968.

I got most of my information from this site 

 * The green monster is a 310 foot homerun wall in Fenway’s left field


Image by B Rosen