Canadian Court

As I walk up to the pathway up to the court I approach the finely kept building with gardens on the sides. I notice through the court room window that it’s is already set up with the Canadian flag and crest set up near the witness box. When I walk in I didn’t expect to be search through and go though a metal detector. As I walk thought to the court room doors I hear a small beep from the other people.

I seat myself in a public bench as I wait my turn to Testify. The court clerk who calls up witnesses to the stands. I hear the court recorder tapping away recording everything I say to be read back again. I look at the public looking at me from the public bleachers. The translator translating to the French Canadians who don’t understand english not very well I always wonder how the translators manage to keep up with what the speakers are saying and telling the people what they’re saying. the crown prosecutor is done asking me questions. I see the court room security guard, I guess that you would need to have gone thought a lot of security to be trusted with the security of the court room. I look at the defence attorney and think, what would that like , It would probably be  easy if you were carismatic  and have gone thought a lot of law  school, you would probably be able to identify how evidence that is used against you could look false. I look at the judge listening intently to what I’m saying for the final verdict to if the accused is guilty, But in some courts have a jury that decides.

In Canadian courts they keep it fair by having so that none in the jury has read to much about the case and get biased ideas or the jury doesn’t now the accused as a friend or relative. I think that fairness in the courts very important and not biased because if someone doesn’t have a fair trial and they didn’t do it then they could get punished for something they didn’t do. 

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