My New Dog

On Friday January the 2 me and my family drove down to Duke Point to get a dog! Our puppy dog’s name is Ace. When we got him he was one day to being 7 weeks old and very calm. Of course very small dog equals lots of stink and when we got him home we figured out that small dogs can go a long time without a rest. If this was me being a tad over dramatic then it would sound like this:

January 2 2009

Dear Family

So far we have had only a few casualties but we are fighting hard to keep the Ace menace back from the troops. We are running a short on supplies because the enemy is absolutely resisting negotiation and surrender is not an option. Wait I’ve got to go the enemy is falling asleep.

 My dog is so cute that we only just love him enough not to go crazy and still love him. And my family has found out that housebreaking dog is hard but a dog breaking the house is so easy. So far we are loving our dog and he is actually starting starting to listen, sleep at night, not pee in the house, not chewing stuff and a whole bunch more stuff he didn’t do before.

If you really want good help about animals visit Brittany’s blog


These are pictures of my dog Ace when we first got him

6 thoughts on “My New Dog

  1. Congratulations Hayden on your new puppy Ace. Puppies are definitely hard work and I think the first week is the hardest as they get used to not being with their mum. I still remember all the nights our dog barked and cried.

    My kids are really nagging me to get another dog as we no longer have a dog. They are winning at the moment and are plotting an over throw of Government here.

    Great news about your class looking after the Bringing us Together blog.

  2. Hayden, Ace is a sweetie for sure! I love this line: “housebreaking dog is hard but a dog breaking the house is so easy.” So true, so true!

  3. Wow!
    Looks like your dog is a handful. Cangradulations on your new puppy.
    Very well written post. You added lots of humer.
    Comment Back.

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