Rep Baseball

Hey everyone, sorry for not blogging all that much over summer but it was a really busy time for me.

The big highlight is that the rep team I’m playing on made it to the provincials championship. and that was such a neat experience for me playing all these other amazing teams form all over B.C. one thing that was really amazing is that compared to the other teams there we were terrible! We got mercied every game and their team that won all their games  in the zones only won one of their games (the moral of this story is don’t join a baseball team on Vancouver island). but all and all this was a great experience going to the provincials and playing all these other great teams.

The new puppie!.. Again?

On May the 23 my dad sister and I when to a breeder to get our new puppy. This puppy is so much more laid back than our first dog ,Ace. (we had to get him put down because he was a really crazy dog and he attacked my dad’s arm) Our new dog’s name is Koda, The reason we chose Koda is because one of my mom’s friends e-mailed us a bunch of dog names and we really like Koda. there really isn’t much to koda as in activeness. At this point he’s happy if there is a person near him and he’s on something comfortable he’s good. In fact its acctually nice that he’s always sleeping. When he’s at his most active hes chewing on his kong for a bit the he’s ready for another nap. I sure hope that Koda will last longer than Ace.

Me and my sister have been asking people if they think that koda should be spelt with a k or a c? lave a comment and tell me what you think.

Forward to The Past

This year lots of funny things have happened to this class. Apparently staying with people for three days you learn a lot about yourself and others… Also how what can go wrong does go wrong. Here is just a hint of what did go wrong. barf, and splash! During Hornby Camp you may know about the splash. Kayaking Incident with the beginning of the year. I figured that if your camping with me and Julian Don’t let us get a hold of a flash light. That is were the  puke goes in this tragic storey of horror storeys of Hornby Tales! Well I guess that this started at the dinner tables. Well Daniel had about 5 bowls of salad before it happened. So we were just enjoying another dinner, when we got back to our tent Daniel had gone to the bathroom so me and Julian and grabbed his flashlight and started to do a strobe light play. When Daniel git back hes wasn’t feeling to good from the 5 bowls of salad and me and Julian showed Daniel and near the end Daniel went outside the tent and all you heard was huurk! as soon as we heard that the teachers were rushing out of ther tends to see what happened. I was helping get Daniel’s stuff near the door so that he could get out easier. Me and Julian are blaming Kris because he was not smart enough to keep the flash light away from us so it almost Kris’s fault.  

Dan Ball

Lately in our class people have been playing a game called Dan Ball powder game, in that game you get to use a whole bunch of different kinds of “powder” to make a powder landscape or a high explosive grenade.
When you’re playing this game you can also play with two people so you can play with your friends. Usually me and Daniel play two player were you start off with vine and use virus on the vine to make it grow up to a small platform and you work together so there is really no winner, but that is only when I get in first but when Daniel gets in first there is a winner. Another fun thing is to make a lot of water and then freeze the water and have two people on each side firing acid at the ice and see how long it takes for you to melt the ice and for you people to die… or you run out of dots.
If you have tryed this game what did you play and did you like this game? If you played with a friend and tyed one of these games did you like it? 



I Want To Be A…

When I grow up the two jobs that I most want to have are to be a Builder or a Major League Baseball Player.


The reason I would like to be a builder is because my Dad is a builder. During the off season I could be a builder. Sometimes during the summer my dad lets me work with him for a while cleaning up the site. Sometimes

Baseball player:

I would want to be a baseball player because I have player baseball all my life. Also I am almost switch hitter, A switch hitter is someone who can hit both ways, My favorite part about baseball is pitching and catching because when your back catching your always part of the play, When I’m pitching I like how your always doing something. The one downside to pitching and catching is that it is really easy to injure your arm if you thrwo the ball wrong.

The main Idea for this blog post came from Chelsea’s blog post.    

Use The Umbrella…

Arts umbrella

Monday the 11 Josh From Arts Umbrella and Franzesca came into the class for 2 weeks they came in in the morning and would work with us on the glocal project with the motion sequence and multiplexposure to make abstract art. During the time that we had Josha and Franzesca I learned a lot about abstract art  and the glocal project. My favorite part was using the multiple exposure to layer the images and make one image negative and anther that is fading out, with multipexposure it is really fun making yourself look like a zombie by layering your face like 10 times with different expressions each time. This image is my favorite because it looks like there is a blue stairway down a very tall build and when you look down the spiraling stairway, you know the kind I’m talking about. If I could redo this image I would definitely put the camera on an angle to the right or left to give it a reflective effect and so that you can almost see something inside it. I would Like to thank Franzesca and Josh for giving the chance to do the glocal project and it was really fun making the abstract images.     

Canadian Court

As I walk up to the pathway up to the court I approach the finely kept building with gardens on the sides. I notice through the court room window that it’s is already set up with the Canadian flag and crest set up near the witness box. When I walk in I didn’t expect to be search through and go though a metal detector. As I walk thought to the court room doors I hear a small beep from the other people.

I seat myself in a public bench as I wait my turn to Testify. The court clerk who calls up witnesses to the stands. I hear the court recorder tapping away recording everything I say to be read back again. I look at the public looking at me from the public bleachers. The translator translating to the French Canadians who don’t understand english not very well I always wonder how the translators manage to keep up with what the speakers are saying and telling the people what they’re saying. the crown prosecutor is done asking me questions. I see the court room security guard, I guess that you would need to have gone thought a lot of security to be trusted with the security of the court room. I look at the defence attorney and think, what would that like , It would probably be  easy if you were carismatic  and have gone thought a lot of law  school, you would probably be able to identify how evidence that is used against you could look false. I look at the judge listening intently to what I’m saying for the final verdict to if the accused is guilty, But in some courts have a jury that decides.

In Canadian courts they keep it fair by having so that none in the jury has read to much about the case and get biased ideas or the jury doesn’t now the accused as a friend or relative. I think that fairness in the courts very important and not biased because if someone doesn’t have a fair trial and they didn’t do it then they could get punished for something they didn’t do. 

The Sox Win

On Saturday April the 25 the  Boston Red Sox  played the New york Yankees. The final score was 16, 11 for the Sox. After the 4th inning Boston was down by 6 runs. The bases get loaded and JD Drew is up to bat, Drew hits a single and scores one run. The bases are loaded for the Sox captain… Jason Varitek! None out bases loaded. The pitch is delivered, Varitek swings and this ball has some carry to it, it’s deep to right field and it’s over the wall! Grand slam! Now the Red Sox are behind by 1. The next three outs come and no runs, Up to this point Third basemen Mike Lowell had no hits, this was about to change. In the seventh inning there were two people on base and Lowell hit a three run home run over the Green Monster* to make it 8 six Sox. On Lowell’s next at bat he hit a three run single to center field. From this point the score went back and forth. In the end Red Sox all star closer Jonathan Papelbon came in and closed down the Yankees.

In this game the Red Sox had the biggest comeback in the history of their ball club since 1968.

I got most of my information from this site 

 * The green monster is a 310 foot homerun wall in Fenway’s left field


Image by B Rosen








In the bringing us together blog yearsisx wrote a blog post about super heroes. I think that the thing that makes a hero is that they would help others if they were in trouble.A hero is someone that people would look up to or has achieved something great or fail their first time but preserver. Heroes would usually see sick children in hospitals and spend the day with them. A hero would also pay money to charity so that the hospital can work. My heroes are Kevin Youkilis because he is such a good baseball player.  

A Water Carol

In a quaint road in Courtney there lived a very wasteful family, the family was a very nice family but they wasted water a lot!
When they have showers it was very long .the reason they waste water is because they thought that water never ran out. One night when the random family was falling asleep, then all of a sudden the room started to twist. Then all was quiet again, and then a ghost appears.

“Why are you here?” whimpered Scrooge

“I’m one of the workers at the water dam” replied the ghost “when the dam gets jammed I fix it,”

Scrooge and the ghost are instantly teleported to the inside of the dam. The ghost starts talking. “This poor man here is me on the day I died.” Scrooge notices a young man climbing down into the turbine. A scream

“If that’s you then what does that have to do with me”

“Because I died to help the dam and you are wasting water like it just appears in your house from nowhere, tonight you will be visited by two ghosts, the ghosts of water past and future. The ghost turns and flies out of the room. Scrooge was lying in bed and the windows flew open and in flew another mist. Scrooge woke to a start as the spirit took scrooge’s hand and he was teleported to the local lake 20 years ago.

“Look at the lake you get your water from 20 years ago it was full, compare this to what your lake looks like now”

“Thought that the lake went down naturally and then that it would go back up again in a couple of years,” croaked scrooge

“No! It doesn’t work that way” squealed the ghost the ghost. Scrooge started to sink backwards.

“Can I just go back to my house?” said scrooge. The ghost and scrooge appear back at his house.

“Tonight expect one more ghost more ghost tonight.” The ghost left scrooge “That was weird” said scrooge waiting for the next ghost. Just like last time another swirling mist appeared. This ghost was like the last ghost but a little older.

“I’m the ghost of water of future,” said the ghost

Scrooge you must now stop your water wasting ways if you continue to waste water the earth will lose all its water. Humans will die and plants will wither and like humans, die.” The ghost points to the withering field that was behind their house.
“Is that our field behind our house?” asked scrooge

“Isn’t it amazing what happens to a field when it gets no water?” said the ghost

“Don’t you want to have your children live in a green world?”

No. I guess that that would be terrible, but how can I help”

“You can help by getting a water meter” Scrooge Notices that he’s now in his room “Today we’re getting a water meter! Yelled Scrooge. Then the lived happily ever after… Or did they?


Image by Nupru